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THE NATURE RESERVE HIDE  (Standard size: approx 3.6m x 2.4m up to 6 people)

This bird watching hide is a larger design to allow larger parties of bird watchers to enjoy. The standard size for this hide is 3.6m x 2.4m and comes with a disabled section at the front with a lower viewing window to cater for wheel chair users, a front viewing window at standard height and 1 viewing window on each side and 3 benches. The hide can be made as long as you require by simply adding more sections.

THE CLASSROOM HIDE (Standard size 3.6m x 2.4m)

Suitable for up to 15 small children. A similar design to the Nature Reserve Hide but without a disabled section, instead, much larger viewing windows for better visibility for everyone.  Each 1.8m section in the Classroom Hide has 2 large fixed viewing windows for safety and can be manufactured using 1 way glass as an optional extra which is perfect for excited children to get closer to the birds and other wildlife without disturbing them.

The Garden Hide (Standard size 1.8m x 1.8m)

The Garden Hide is the perfect opportunity to observe birds and other wildlife animals in the comfort of your own garden. The Garden Hide has been designed small enough to be situated in any sized garden with the same benefits as a large hide, it’s also disability friendly with a wide entrance

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This is the ultimate package for all your educational needs, This package consists of 1 Classroom Hide (3.6m x 2.4m) 1 Pond, decked viewing walking area with access ramps and safety balustrade. The overall floor plan measurement for this package is 5.6m x 6.4m but can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Technical Specification

Manufactured in 1.8m (6ft) sections and can be made as long as you require by simply adding more sections (1.8m 3.6m 5.4m 7.2m etc)

for easy access and is manufactured with a disabled section as standard at the front of the hide for wheel wheelchair users with plenty of leg room allowing wheelchairs to fit comfortably. The hide comes with 3 viewing windows, 1 large window at the front and 1 on each side allowing better visibility all around the garden and 1 bench.


All of our listed products can also be manufactured from recycled plastic rather than timber. In the right circumstances, recycled plastic is an excellent alternative to using timber and has many benefits; it’s stronger, it’s much harder to ignite, it’s maintenance free and lasts a life time. Ask for further details.

Disabled Friendly

We strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience our bird hides. This is why we have adapted them to cater for disabled and wheelchair users needs e.g. by offering disabled sections with plenty of leg room ideal for wheelchair use, lower viewing windows, wider entrance door and disabled access ramps (depending on how high the hide is off the ground).

Design choices…

Bird Hides can be as small or large, or as simple or complex, as required to suit your location, needs and budget.

For some design ideas based on our modular (1.8m ) sections click below

Bespoke build to customer specification

Unique situations and sites require unique builds. Any size and shape can be built to suit your needs or the needs of your site. Bird hide base construction can be adapted to suit ground conditions, whether solid ground, marshy land, or over water.

The photograph (right) shows the bird hide - without roof (as per customer’s requirements) - at the Cathkin Marsh nature reserve built by RMG Wildlife Joinery in 2014 for the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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